How to Upgrade AK 2i Card for DSi V1.4.2 and 3DS v2.0

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Published: 06th July 2011
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If you have pay attention to our latest news, you will find that we yesterday just released an official new on the AK 2i for V1.4.2 DSi.

This update support 3DS2.0 and DSi1.4.2. Please refer to readme file in the package. AK2i of HWID44 can be updated this time too. But AK2i of HWID44 can't be recognized after using power button to reset console. You need power off console and turn it on again. Please choose update file according to your console. If you're using DSi or DSi XL please use ak2ifw_update_3ds_v2_DSi.nds to update. I f you're using DSL that please use ak2ifw_update_3ds_v2_DSL.nds to update. Just follow the instructions after you run the update file.

Download the update files, please click here

Here is the update steps,

As for the way to install the upgrade path for DSi V1.4.2, we were also told that the way is same as the upgrade file for DSi V1.4.1, let's get back to the way on how to upgrade AK 2i card as below,

The way the 1.4.2 patch works the same as the 1.4.1/1.4.0 patch. You may take the 1.4.1 update guide as a reference:

Guide for Updating AceKard 2i to work with DSi(XL) Firmware Update 1.4.1

What you will need to update your AceKard 2i Card:

DSi Console with Firmware lower than 1.4X (1.4E, 1.4J, 1.4U & 1.4A) e.g 1.3 or 1.2 OR DS Lite Console

To Check Your DSi Firmware Version:

Click 'Setting' on the Main Menu

In the right hand corner of the top screen it will say VER 1.X


Unzip '' you will then have two files:

Updating via DSi use : ak2ifw_update_3ds_v2_DSi.nds-- upgrade AK 2i via DSi console which the firmware below 1.4.2

Updating via DS Lite use : ak2ifw_update_3ds_v2_DSL.nds-- upgrade AK 2i via DS Lite console

Copy the file to the root directory of the Micro SD memory card.

Place the Micro SD back into the AceKard 2i Card and insert into DSL/DSi(lower than 1.4) Console

Select the Micro SD Card icon (from the main operating system on the AceKard 2i Main Screen)

Select the Firmware file ak2ifw_update_3ds_v2_DSi.nds/ak2ifw_update_3ds_v2_DSL.nds

Follow the on screen instructions (Press Start to update)

Complete!! You have a working AceKard 2i with DSi Firmware 1.4.1

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