CGG News: AK 2i V1.4.2 Released by June 7 2011

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Published: 13th June 2011
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Well, AK 2i v1.4.2 upgrade path has been waiting for a couple of days to the AK 2i user. We are happy to inform you that AK team has just noticed us about the AK 2i V1.4.2 upgrade file on the DSi V1.4.2, which is supposed to be released by June 7th.

It seems to be a little strange for why not the AK team released it now as other R4i cards?

The answer is quite simple that the AK team need to do more tests to ensure the upgrade path is stable even though there may be some bugs in the future. But that is AK team, the team want to minimize the problem as much as they can.

As for the way to install the upgrade path for DSi V1.4.2, we were also told that the way is same as the upgrade file for DSi V1.4.1, let's get back to the way on how to upgrade AK 2i card as below,

The way the 1.4.2 patch works the same as the 1.4.1/1.4.0 patch. You may take the 1.4.1 update guide as a reference:

Guide for Updating AceKard 2i to work with DSi(XL) Firmware Update 1.4.1

What you will need to update your AceKard 2i Card:

DSi Console with Firmware lower than 1.4X (1.4E, 1.4J, 1.4U & 1.4A) e.g 1.3 or 1.2 OR
DS Lite Console

AceKard 2i Card Loaded with latest Firmware AKAIO1.8.6a

AceKard 2i Update for DSi(XL) 1.4.1(Download from:


Check Your DSi Firmware Version:

Click 'Setting' on the Main Menu

In the right hand corner of the top screen it will say VER 1.X


Unzip 'AceKard 2i Update for DSi 1.4.1 rar' you will then have two files:

Updating via DSi use : ak2ifw_update_141_DSi.nds

Updating via DS Lite use : ak2ifw_update_141_DSL.nds
Copy the file to the root directory of the Micro SD memory card.

Place the Micro SD back into the AceKard 2i Card and insert into DSL/DSi(lower than 1.4) Console

Select the Micro SD Card icon (from the main operating system on the AceKard 2i Main Screen)

Select the Firmware file ak2ifw_update_141_DSi.nds/ak2ifw_update_141_DSL.nds

Follow the on screen instructions (Press Start to update)

Complete!! You have a working AceKard 2i with DSi Firmware 1.4.1

Now, you can see that you wont wait for much longer now.
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Hope you enjoy the news.


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